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Hedglet Quillery Kibble: Baby Hedgie Food Mix (shipping available)

Hedglet Quillery Kibble: Baby Hedgie Food Mix (shipping available)


Due to recipe changes by the food manufacters we are unable to get some of the foods in our mix and are in the process of adjusting. Orders are being filled and sent as soon as we recieve a substitues from our supplier.

This is our baby hedgehog food mix. Intended for feeding up to adulthood. A combination of several foods we use to create a blend that is approximately 37% protein, 15% fat, and 5% fiber with the top ingredients being chicken, turkey, chicken meal, turkey meal, and rice flour. Our mix is aimed at feeding kibble that your hedgehog will like to eat while meet their nutritional needs without an over abundance of fillers and fluff. Feeding amount information: While the average hedgehog eats approximately 2 tablespoons of kibble per day, we prefer to free feed growing babies.



3 month supply with purchase of a baby hedgehog for as little as $99 (plus payment process fee and shipping if needed) This option is available at checkout on each hedglets page.


Continue the convience and savings with our monthly food subscription for our Adult Quillery Kibble!

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