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Pick-up Information

 Hedgehogs are released to go to their new home once they meet the following criteria:

  • Hedglets must be in good health and free of injury. 

  • Hedglets must be a minimum of six weeks of age and fully weaned.

  • Hedglets must exhibit the ability to eat and drink on their own

  • Hedglets must be showing steady growth and weight gain.

  • Hedglets must meet a minimum weight required for the method by which they will be traveling home. This is to ensure the hedglet will be able to endure any stress brought on due to travel, transport, and the introduction to a new environment.  


See the Pick-up & Transport Page (click here) for pick-up options and scheduled dates.

Photos are updated periodically as our schedule allows.

*Due to the time involved in setting up, taking, and editing photos, we are unable to  fulfill requests for additional and update photos.*

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