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Come See Us At An Exotic Animal Expo Near You!

We participate in several exotic animal expos per year in multiple states. This is a time for us to provide hands on education to potential buyers and introduce our exotic species to those that may otherwise never get an opportunity to see these species up close. We do try to provide as much opportunity as possible at the shows for people to touch and hold the animals, but due to show rules, handling may not be allowed at some venues. During the shows, we are happy to teach those interested in ownership about the handling, care, supplies, and requirements for each of the species we deal with and provide written information to help you further your research. We offer supplies, food blends, gifts, and generally have available animals on hand at each expo. For those that know you are coming to an expo to purchase from us, you can fill out our Prospective Buyer Form and submit it here on the website ahead of time to speed up the process. 

No transport fee when you place your order today for pick-up at any Expo we attend!
Please note, some shows will not allow certain species, but if the location is near you, ask about meeting for pick-up enroute to any listed expo .

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