Welcome to the Nursery!
The hedgies on this page are not yet ready. If you are interested in reserving a baby listed below, please begin by submitting a prospective buyer form. Watch your email for a response email within the 24 hours after you submit. This will outline the next steps to purchasing. We offer advance reserve options. See details below. At the ready after date, you will receive an email regarding weight updates and scheduling a pick-up appointment. Hedgehogs generally go home around 8+ weeks of age based on individual readiness.

Waiting List/Advance Reserve Option:
We will offer an advance reserve option for future litters.

Advance PIF Reserve: This is a paid in full reserve that gives you priority at selection time. Selection of babies is done once the entire litter's eyes have opened. At that time, we will send an email to those on our advance PIF reserve list in the order payments were received. You should reply with your selection in a timely manner. If we have not heard from you with in a 24hour period, a second attempt will be made to contact you before we move on to the next in line.