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"Cecil" male Ready 4/13 (PIF w/heat & bath sets D.H.)

"Cecil" male Ready 4/13 (PIF w/heat & bath sets D.H.)

$200.00 Regular Price
$176.00Sale Price

Deposit only option: For approved prospective buyers that would prefer to place a deposit on a April baby, the total cost is $ 250 per hedgie. The $50 deposit will go towards the price of your hedgehog (there is a $2 Paypal fee) and the balance (plus Paypal fees) will be due on or by April 6th. Selection of babies will be done in order the deposits and reserves have been recieved once the babies have opened their eyes. We cannot guarantee availability of colorations. Pick ups are expected to be on schedule for April 13-15th based on the progress, growth, and weight gain of the individual babies. Each hedgehog will include a water bottle, food bowl, fleece hedgie bag, sample bag of food, mealworms, grooming kit, infomation packet, single use heat pack for the trip home (if needed), and a travel box to take your hedgehog home in. 

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