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"Zoe" female $250 Ready 5/1 (PIF w/cage J.C.)

"Zoe" female $250 Ready 5/1 (PIF w/cage J.C.)


If you would like to reserve, review our policies and complete the prospective owner form (the link is at the top of the Available Hedgehogs page) prior to submitting deposit. Once you receive your approval email, please call to chec the availability of the hedgehog you are interested in. Then the deposit can be placed to reserve. The deposit is $50 + $2 Paypal fee. The deposit will go toward the cost of your hedgie. Balance is due on or by the ready on date. 7-10 days prior to the ready on date, you will receive an email with a balance reminder and pick up information. If you prefer to pay the balance through Paypal, the balance can be paid at anytime through the hedgehog's individual website page. If you prefer to pay in full at time of reserve, we will deduct 10% from the total cost of regular priced hedgies. This cannot be combined with other discounts. Paypal fees will still apply. Deposits and all payments made are nonrefundable.

Hedgehogs are considered ready after six weeks of age, being fully weaned, and demonstrating that they are eating & drinking on their own in a healthy manner. We provide the following with your hedgehog at pick up: travel container, sinfle use heat pack (when needed for travel), food dish, water bottle, play pillow, fleece hedgie bag, shampoo, bath brush, lavender and oatmeal bath soak, nail clippers, mealworms, and 1/2lb of food.


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