Complete 30"x18" Cage Kit with washable liner, Ceramic Heat Emitter,& thermostat


This set up includes one full sized Kaytee 30"x18" plastic bottom cage, 

 digital thermometer, 100 watt ceramic heat emitter bulb, 8.5" lamp, digital temperature control unit, Kaytee Comfort Wheel, igloo, and one fleece/flannel cage liner. 

(Please note: the following items come with your hedgehog: food dish, water bottle, fleece hedgie bag, shampoo, brush for bathing, nail clippers, skin soothing bath soak, play pillow, 1/2lb bag of food, mealworms, travel box, and single use heat pack (when needed) for transport home.)


Cage set ups cannot be shipped.

We cannot guarantee cage, liner, and accessory color selection, we have no choice of the colors we are sent from the suppliers. Generally, we receive sky blue, lime green, and purple. If you have a preference, call to make your request and we will do our best to get the color you want. If our supplier is out of a particular brand, another brand may be substituted. Cages set ups require 7-10 days advanced ordering.