Holiday Hedgie & Cage Kit Combo

Holiday Hedgie & Cage Kit Combo


By purchasing this combo, you save $25 off the price of the hedgehog allong with a playpen and animal shape cuddle hut that are not included in the other cage kit packages.

Combo includes a baby hedgehog valued up to $300 (or you can opt for a gift certicate if you prefer to get a hedgehog after the holidays) and complete cage kit with shavings (or one cage liner for additional $30). Gift Certificates will be emailed out in time to be printed to put under your tree!

WHAT HEDGEHOGS CAN YOU CHOSE FROM: The hedgehog must be selected from the available hedgehogs marked selection eligible and priced $300 or below.

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE CAGE KIT:The cage set up includes one full sized Kaytee 30"x18" plastic bottom cage, digital thermometer, 150 watt ceramic heat emitter bulb, 8.5" lamp, digital temperature control unit, Kaytee Comfort Wheel, igloo, shavings or one cage liner, playpen, and animal shape cuddle hut.

Please note- the following items come with your hedgehog: food dish, water bottle, fleece hedgie bag, shampoo, brush for bathing, play pillow or toy, 1/2lb bag of food, travel box, and single use heat pack (when needed for transport home.)

Travel fee for pick-ups in Rocky Mount are an additional $25. The button to add this option is located below the available hedgies on the available baby hedgies page. Cages will be picked-up at the time the hedgehog is picked up unless otherwise arranged. Cage set ups cannot be shipped. We cannot guarantee cage and accessory color selection, we have no choice of the colors we are sent from the suppliers. If our supplier is out of a particular brand, another brand may be substituted. 


Cage, Supplies, Accessories, & Sewn Item Order Deadlines:

All orders for cages, supplies, accessories, and sewn items for pick-up prior to Christmas must be in by December 5th. December Rocky Mount pick-ups will be scheduled for December 18th. The last day for pick-ups in Elizabeth City is December 23rd.  Balances must be paid in fulll prior to scheduling pick-up appointments.