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"Megs” female Ready after 10/20 RESERVED

"Megs” female Ready after 10/20 RESERVED


Ready after date is the date the baby is expected to be fully weaned by, 6 weeks of age. Readiness to go home is based on the individual readiness of the hedgie. Hedgies are considered ready to go home when fully weaned, exhibiting independant eating and drinking habits, showing steady weight gain, and meeting the minimum weigh required for the mode of transportation being used to get to the hedgie's new home.



3 month supply with purchase of a baby hedgehog for as little as $99 (plus payment process fee and shipping if needed)

Hedgehogs usually remain on baby food until 4-6 months of age.

Every hedgehog goes home with a 8oz starter bag of our Hedglet Quillery Kibble. By purchasing the 3 month supply, you will also receive a 20oz bag of Hedglet Quillery Kibble for each month. This offer is designed to supply you with all the baby food your hedgie will need prior to transitioning to adult food, at the best price we can offer as a thank you for choosing to purchase your baby from us. See the supplies page for food purchasing options.

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