Egyptian Spiny Mice




Spiny Mice are so entertaining to watch! They enjoy spending their time playing in tubes, running on wheels, and chasing one another. They are extremely social and live in small groups. Under no circumstance should a single spine be kept as a pet. A minimum of two, preferably three same sex mice will happily live together as pets. They are also easy to hand tame when handled on a regular basis. It should be noted that they have a unique tail that helps them to escape predators. Because of this, they should never be picked up by or gabbed by the tail, as it is brittle and can easily break off and will not grow back. They are low maintenance and low odor. They are however escape artists, so their enclosures should have a tight fitting lid. The size of the enclosure is based on the number of mice. While larger is preferable, a 10 gallon tank is the absolute minimum for two mice. They are nocturnal. Being desert rodent, they do thrive best at warmer temperatures. And as rodents, they do require items to chew on. Items such as grass or wood huts, tubes or tunnel, and see-saws, and other items that can be climbed on prove to be favorites of spiny mice. Like most mice, their diet is primarily seeds and grains but should not be too high in sugar and fat. A basic hamster or gerbil mix supplemented with additional seeds, grains, and a high protein low fat feline kibble for additional protein is most recommended. Occasional fruit and vegetables can be given in small portions as treats. Any type of small animal bedding can be used except cedar shaving. The life expectancy is up to 4 years when well cared for in a pet setting. Spiny mice are an engaging pet and a fairly unique pet among exotic pet owners. They may be small, but the leave many enthusiastic foot prints in the hearts of their owners.

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