Available Adults 

Please keep in mind, adults may take additional time and patience to bond with.

They may be set in their ways and some may require extra love and patience.

The hedgehogs on this page range in age from four months to senior. They may include rehomes, retirees, bloodlines we have an over abundance of, or bloodlines we have opted to discontinue breeding.

All are priced at discounted rates. Prospective buyer forms are required for adoption of available adults.

We have several adults being retired currently. This does not mean they are old and this does not mean that they have been bred. For some, we have opted to keep a sibling or offspring instead. While others are simply not cut out for parenting for one reason or another. As with any adult they will need a little extra patience and time to get to know you since they are more set in their ways. That is why these hedgehogs are available at discounted rates to patient and loving forever pet homes only. Please contact if you are interested. We will be very selective with adult placements as we want them to go to forever homes that are understanding of the specific individualized needs, unique personality traits, and quirks of the hedgehogs. In some cases we may require a prospective owner have previous hedgehog ownership experience or a particular type of cage if the hedgehog has special requirements. Placement is based on what is in the best interest of the hedgehog. 

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We are a USDA licensed breeder in NC. We collaborate with many reputable breeders from around the country to track and verify pedigrees, update lineage, and pass on health information that may be vital to continuing to produce hedgehogs that are free of hereditary disease and issues. All of our breeding hedgehogs are pedigreed and we do not condone the breeding of hedgehogs without a pedigree and knowledgable tracking of verified lineage. As such, we choose to only sell hedgehogs for breeding purposes to reputable USDA breeders or hobby breeders that have a mentor and are an active part of the hedgehog community. We offer the same health warranties & guarantees as most ethical breeders and require a similar application process in order to protect our animals from buyers that are unprepared to provide proper care and homes. We belong to several breeder associations and groups so that we can connect with other breeders, rescues, and hedgehog enthusiast. We are happy to refer you to other breeders or veterinarians in your area and provide you with additional resources to further your own hedgehog knowledge.