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Educational Appointment

Educational Appointment


We want the best homes for our animals and we understand that often people have simply never had the opportunity to see some types of exotics first hand. This can make the decision to purchase an exotic as a pet very difficult. For this reason, we offer educational appointments. During educational appointments, our goal is to educate you about the species and help you understand their natural habits and personalities. We go over what you as a new owner can expect, supply requirements, basic care, dietary needs, veterinary recommendations, grooming tips, safety, proper handling, and bonding tips. We give you the opportunity to handle a few animals, ask questions, and send you home with a list of recommended research sources. 


We charge a small fee for educational appointments to ensure people respect the time we are setting aside to meet with them and reduce the number of no-shows. 


Educational Appointments can be scheduled with us for most afternoons at our Elizabeth City location. We can offer Educational Appointments in Rocky Mount on the third Saturday of each month. Claa to set your appointment 757-639-1134 

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