Hedgie Deposit - ($52 deposit, balance due at 6 weeks of age)


All deposits and payments are non-refundable. If you are placing deposit only, please be aware that all remaining balances are due when the hedgies are 6 weeks of age, this is listed as the ready after date. All payments are subject to an additional 3% Paypal fee. No discounts or coupons can be used if placing deposit only. (All of our sales and coupon codes are intended only for use when paying in full at time of reserve.) Once deposit or payment is received, your hedgehog will be marked as reserved, moved to the reserved hedgie page, and the balance will be listed on their individual page. Please make sure to include the name of the hedgehog you are reserving in the note section at checkout or call us.

***New term in effect as of March 2019, if there is an issue with paying the final balance by the ready after date, you should call to discuss the option of moving the deposit to a hedgehog from a later litter. If the balance is not paid by the ready after date and you do not call to discuss, the hedgehog will be immediately relist as available and you will forfeit your deposit. While we are happy to work with serious buyers, this new rule has become necessary in order to ensure our baby hedgies are not being held up from placement by nonserious buyers.***