"Tootles" unsexed Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec- Ready September


One Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec Baby

  • Total Cost:
    $700 total
    This is divided up as follows:
    $200 deposit,
    $500 balance due at 6 weeks of age.
    Paypal or Square fee of 3% is added to each payment.
  • DNA sexing:
    Due to shut downs and restrictions because of COVID19, dna tests confirming sex will be done based on labratory availbility. We cannot guarantee sexes if testing is unavailable due to lab closures. DNA samples are sent to the lab at 2 weeks of age. We do not currently have an accurate estimate on how long testing will take or when the results will be received.
  • Selection order:
    Please be aware that selection from the available tenrec babies will be done at 6 weeks of age in order of deposits are received regardless of dna test results.
  • All Payments are non-refundable.
  • We do not offer any health or replacement warranty on tenrecs.
  • Pick up information:
    Each baby will go home at 8 weeks of age with birth certificate, transport box, sample bag of food, printed information packet, sleep sack, calcium powder, and small container of mealworm/insects.
  • Ground Transport:
    Ground transport is available for an additional $150. A veterinary certificate of health may be required depending on the transporter and will cost an additional $75. We are unable to offer air transport at this time.