Policies Overview 

Purchase Terms & Information (Updated & effective as of 08/05/20): 


  1. All hedgehogs purchased from Carolina Quillery are sold as pets and may not be resold or rehomed for breeding purposes.  

  2. We reserve first right of refusal if for any reason you decide you need to rehome your hedgehog. If we choose to buy back, compensation will be prorated based on age and condition of the animal with a maximum amount of $150 for hedgehogs under 6 months of age, $100 for hedgehogs under 1 year of age, $50 for hedgehogs up to 2 years of age. In all other cases, we will always accept back any hedgehog as a rescue. We do not offer compensation for rescue hedgehogs.

  3. Prices are not negotiable. Regular prices are $200-300. Hedgehogs priced below $200 are discounted due to age, attitude, or lineage. 

  4. All regularly priced hedgehogs are covered by a 6 month replacement warranty against Congenital Disease, lifetime replacement warranty against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS), and Lifetime Support. Rescue and discounted hedgehogs are not covered by any warranties. 

  5. A necropsy is required to receive a replacement hedgehog. No exceptions! (See #18)

  6. Personality, life expectancy, color and markings cannot be predicted and are not guaranteed.

  7. Microchipping is used at our discretion for hedgehog identification purposes. 

  8. We will not sell to residents of areas that prohibit hedgehog ownership or buyers under the age of 18. Buyers under 18 years of age must have parent or legal guardian present. A government issued photo id is required.

  9. A Prospective Buyer Form must be completed and approved prior to making a non-refundable deposit, payment, or scheduling appointments. 

  10. We will not hold any hedgehog without a deposit. Hedgehogs under 6 weeks of age may be reserved with a non-refundable paid deposit. Balance is due at 6 weeks of age, which is listed as their “ready after” date. If balance is not paid within 48 hours of the ready after date, the hedgehog will be relisted as available. Hedgehogs over 6 weeks of age require payment in full to reserve. All payments are non-refundable.

  11. We accept cash, Square, and Paypal only. A fee of 3% is added when using Square or Paypal. Square and Paypal payments will only be accepted from the approved buyer and funds must clear prior to release of hedgehog. Any Square or Paypal transactions that are falsely disputed or withdrawn after receipt of hedgehog and accessories will be charged additional to cover all fees and legal costs involved in recovering the amount of the original payment. Absolutely no e-checks, checks or money orders. 

  12. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for any reason. It is the responsibility of the buyer, as an owner, to do their research and make educated decisions concerning the owning, care, maintenance, health, and well being of any pet prior to purchasing.

  13. Pick-ups and visits are done by appointment only. If you arrive early, you will have to wait until your scheduled time. If you are more than 15 minutes late without notification by phone call, you will be charged a $20 late fee. If one hour or more late, you will be considered a no show and any reserved hedgehogs will be re-listed as available.

  14. Shipping is available through airlines or USDA ground transporter at additional cost. Buyer understands and assumes all risks associated with shipping. Carolina Quillery cannot be held responsible for the health or well being of any animal during shipping. 

  15. As a buyer and owner, you understand the requirements of a hedgehog and accept the responsibility of providing a life long home with appropriate housing in a smooth bottom 4 square foot or larger enclosure, maintain adequate temperatures of 75-80 degrees, accessible fresh water at all times, proper nutrition of a quality feline kibble or Hedgehog Precision food with appropriate insects, high protein foods such as cooked chicken or boiled egg as treats, necessary veterinary care, basic grooming that included bathing and nail trimming, and consistent handling of your hedgehog on a daily basis. Additionally, as a buyer and owner, you understand proper hand washing, care, and cleanliness are your responsibility as an animal’s owner and are NOT the responsibility of the breeder. The buyer and owner agree that they will exercise proper care and handling for the safety of themselves and others that may come in contact with their pets.

  16. Failure to provide an appropriate heat source on a thermostat that maintains the hedgehog’s cage at 75F degrees, a minimum of a 4 square foot smooth bottom cage, 12” solid surface exercise wheel, & proper diet that meets nutritional requirements will void all replacement warranties. 

  17. In the event that your hedgehog needs medical attention, it is the owner’s responsibility to seek and provide veterinary care. Illness related to lack of veterinary care, improper nutrition, inadequate housing or environment, negligence, or injury are not covered by our warranties. All veterinary expenses are the sole responsibility of the owner. 

  18. In the event of an untimely death, veterinary records must be emailed to hedgehog@carolinaquillery.com from the attending veterinarian and a veterinary necropsy must be performed by Oregon State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory confirming cause of death to be covered by our warranty is required prior to replacement being given. All shipping and laboratory expenses are the sole responsibility of the owner. Absolutely no replacement will be given without the necropsy report being sent to us. Once approved for a replacement hedgehog, you will be allowed to pick a hedgehog of the same sex from the next available litter that is priced at the same or lesser price. Replacement must be picked within 60 days.

  19. We ONLY sell breeding hedgehogs to licensed breeders we have experience with, those in good standings with an ethical breeders' association and USDA, & those with reputable mentors that will vouch for their breeding ethics and compliance with state and federal regulations. As such, we do not release pedigrees on hedgehogs sold as PETS. In the event that a pet hedgehog is bred in violation of this contract, we hold the right to reclaim said animal, all resulting offspring, and collect restitution for all legal costs involved in the reclamation of the animal and its off spring and any profits that have been received by the buyer stated on this contract resulting from the hedgehog that was original purchased from us and its offspring.

  20. *We reserve the right to refuse or cancel the sale of any hedgehog, at anytime, for any reason.* If we deem it necessary to refuse or cancel a sell, all payments including deposit will be refunded. This is the only circumstance in which any money is refunded. (R3)